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Types of Data Storage Devices

Posted by Carlos on 11/14/2013
Data storage is a necessity in the modern, technological world. Working and saving files without having external backups is a recipe for disaster if your main computer is damaged. Avoid losing important or sentimental files and data by taking advantage of one of the many different kinds of data storage devices. 

If you need to store a lot of data, such as music, pictures or video, consider an external hard drive. External hard drives are best for saving large amounts of data, but often require a little technical know-how to get them set up and running smoothly. USB drives, also known as flash and thumb drives, hold a lot of information, too. USB drives are a good second tier option if you often transport a lot of files and need something small and very portable.

SD cards and micro SD cards do not hold as much as the previously mentioned storage devices. They are also not very useful for transferring data between computers since many computers lack SD card slots. However, SD cards are very useful for cameras, cell phones and other mobile devices that allow you to add your own storage. They take up very little room and are typically easy to swap out when full. 

Always keep a data storage device handy for backups and easy file transfer. Data storage devices are typically cheap and reusable, so any price you pay is usually worth the amount of use you get from the item. USB drives are the most commonly used device, as they come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. They also usually attach to a key ring.
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